Chicken Wings (5 pc)

Value Combo Platter:  3 Egg Rolls, 3 Fried Shrimps, 3 Cheese Wontons, 3 Pot Stickers

Sizzling Rice Soup

Woh Wonton Soup

Hot & Sour Soup

Egg Flower Soup

Vegetable Tofu Soup

Shrimp Fried Rice

Special Chow Mein

Egg Foo Young (3 pcs & gravy)

BBQ Pork

1 Item Combo with Chop Suey Tofu

2 Item Combo with Orange Chicken and Broccoli Beef

3 Item Combo with Mongolian Beef, Cashew Shrimp, and Sweet & Sour Pork

Big Bowl with Almond Chicken

Big Bowl with General's Chicken

Big Bowl with Black Pepper Chicken

Family Dinner A (Serves 4) with Spicy Pineapple Shrimp and Kung-Pao Chicken

Family Dinner B (Serves 2) with Garlic Chicken and Green Pepper Beef

Teriyaki Chicken

Mushroom Chicken

Szechwan Chicken

Hot & Sour Chicken

Bean Sprout Beef

Ginger Beef

Spicy Beef

Ma-Po Tofu

Black Bean Shrimp

Broccoli Vegetarian Chicken